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Sarah G. created a list called Fun ways to keep fit
  • Best gym in Auckland
  • Pasifika Festival going off!
  • Cracker day for a stroll.
  • Great gym with 24 hour access with a lap pool!
  • Sarah loved Balance Your Being
Sarah G. shared their love for Les Mills Auckland City

Nothing gets you pumped up more than a group fitness class at les mills! I’m addicted to this place. Love the cx worx classes in particular, the best ab workout in 30 min

SezNiederer shared their love for Les Mills Auckland City

  My favourite way of keeping fit is by doing classes that I find fun and enjoyable, regardless of the health benefits and I have found no other gym in Auckland that rivals the number of group fitness classes available as at Les Mills. The City branch especially, has so many classes.   My favourites are Sh’Bam and Body Jam, which are both dance based exercise classes, where you build up steps to learn a short routine for each track. I also love yoga and Body Balance, which leave me feeling worked out, but super relaxed and zen too! They always do a wind down meditative segment for several minutes at the end of these sessions, which really allow you to calm yourself. With the busy lifestyles we all lead in the city, it is really special to be given a moment to just relax focus on your breathing and let your worries go for a bit.   The facilities are excellent; sauna, steam room, plunge pool, ghd’s and hair dryers. All those mod cons!   It can often be a really good idea to take a trial, then wait for a bit and see what special offers come up. That’s what I did! They generally have two or three good deals on throughout the year and if you’ve had a trial, they’ll get in touch as soon as something comes up!   The instructors are of such a high calibre and in the largest studio, when it’s full to capacity, they really come into their own and know how to motivate a crowd. Loving doing classes here atm!

wallacejnr shared their love for Les Mills Auckland City

Gotta make time for a session ! - love the colours on the outside

Ho Jin K. started following Les Mills Auckland City
Sera V. shared their love for Les Mills Auckland City

I love this gym so much, I can’t get enough. Great classes, women’s area, friendly trainers. There’s even a sauna in the changing rooms. You will feel so confident and good about yourself

Tui M. shared their love for Les Mills Auckland City

I've never been a gym goer but since going to Les Mills I've become totally addicted to the classes. They make working out fun, but still very challenging. Definitely a great idea to join up if you're wanting to stay looking bikini fit for the rest of summer.

Spencer R. shared their love for Les Mills Auckland City

You just can’t beat Les Mills, first thing in the morning, what a wake up call!!!

Jacob F. shared their love for Les Mills Auckland City

Great vibe, friendly staff and members, easy parking too.

Janice T. shared their love for Les Mills Auckland City

Obviously I'm a member here and I love it! Suuper convenient location for me, but only cause I can walk here. They do have parking available but it does take you a little while to figure out the map and learn where you can and can't park and at what times. The classes are awesome and they have a really cool range from high cardio RPM, Step to Yoga and Body Balance. Inside is a nutrition supplements store, nike clothing store and a cafe.