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In the heart of Auckland's historic Mt Eden Village is Timeout Bookstore. Established in 1988, this bookstore is renowned for its excellent and eclectic books, occasionally quirky window displays, the haven-like book room for children, and of course, its resident cat.

A favourite among the locals, Timeout Bookstore has offered a tranquil environment for all book lovers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of day-to-day living.

Timeout Bookstore has all genres accounted for along with friendly and knowledgeable staff who are always happy to help when sourcing that hard to find book.

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Independent Bookstore
Children's Book Room
2008 Penguin Best Independent Bookstore
Metro Magazine Auckland's Best Bookshop 2009


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Bronwyn M. shared their love for Time Out Bookstore

This is the most beautiful and adorable little book store I have ever been to! :)

Amanda B. shared their love for Time Out Bookstore

As I’m still very much a child at heart, my favourite part of Time Out is the children’s section at the back. They have so many beautifully illustrated children’s books that make me wish I had friends with kids to buy them all for. The staff are really nice AND there’s a cat - what’s not to love?

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Annie D. shared their love for Time Out Bookstore

Any bookstore with a live-in cat is doing things right in my opinion. They have an interesting mix of books - great for browsing with no specific purpose. Time Out also has an amazing children’s section!

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Aimee M. shared their love for Time Out Bookstore

A Mt Eden village institution, this place is super cute and even has it’s own cat! The staff are all really lovely and knowledgeable, full of great recommendations - makes you glad you didn’t buy from somewhere online.

Helene R. created a list called Great places to find good reads
  • Present shopper's paradise
  • A noteworthy collection of books
  • Ideal way to waste a lazy Sunday
  • Legendary bookseller
  • Best place for your magazine fix
Charlotte W. shared their love for Time Out Bookstore

What makes Time Out so wonderful is the staff's dedication, sheer knowledge and friendliness. They KNOW books, and there are always at least two people working so they can spend time talking to customers whilst still providing an excellent and efficient service. They also have a shop cat, Lucinda. Best.