Safe T Sleep

Libby P. shared their love for Safe T Sleep

A great product which definitely helped to teach my daughter to sleep so well from a very early age. No waking up after rolling into the side of the cot and getting a fright, or with baby limbs hanging out the cot rails.  We used it up until she learned to rip it off herself. We'd tuck her in, wait by the door, and then hear the tell-tale "riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip". Very cute. Some people don't like these types of devices because they are against strapping their children in, but the Safe-T-Sleep is ideal when babies don't yet understand their own body movements but they have grown out of a swaddle. You'll know when your baby is ready to be "set free" at night, but in the meantime Mum and baby will love the Safe-T-Sleep.

Anna M. shared their love for Safe T Sleep

Miriam Rutherford started Safe-T-Sleep to prevent babies rolling around in their cots and suffocating under balnkets or down sides.  Also to prevent toddlers trying to climb out of cots and falling resulting potentially in brain damage. She spent years researching her products and even got a clinical trial at a hospital pediatric ward.  It was approved with flying colours. I met Miriam when my daughter was a baby and lay on her back (as we are correctly taught to put them) but wouldn't turn her head which resulted in a flat skull.  I got a lot of help and advice and Miriam became like a sister to me.  She takes personal responsibility to help her wonderful product work for you.  I used it to keep my baby safely on her side so her skull could grow into a symmetrical shape again. I owe Miriam and Safe-T-Sleep so much.  She uses a letter I wrote her as a testimonial and I stand by her and her wonderful product.  She is an honest, hard working and wonderful individual.  Her product has helped so many New Zealand Mothers and babies be safe. Thank you Miriam and Safe-T-Sleep. It is available at all leading baby product retailers like The Baby Factory and Farmers.  There is only one genuine Safe-T-Sleep.  It is a godsend.