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MacNut Cafe serves a range of innovative foods to tempt everyone.

Sit under the covered verandah or out on the paved terrace and admire the beautiful view over lakes and orchard, or they can even provide picnic basket lunches by the lakes.

Choose from a delicious range of chef's special, salad and gourmet burgers, followed by a range of macadamia cakes, scones, cookies and our MacNut Ice-cream. Also check out our nice coffees and Iced-drinks.

Tour group bookings are also available by arrangement.

Come and visit the MacNut Farm and Cafe today!

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  • Price Range: Reasonable
  • Ambience: Relaxed atmosphere
  • Accepts credit cards: Yes
  • Noise level: Serene
  • Licence: Alcohol free
  • Food Options: Vegetarian


Andrew L. started following MacNut Farms and Cafe
Andrew L. shared their love for MacNut Farms and Cafe

On our way home from a superb day trip in South Head, we were jonesing for coffee and decided to stop at MacNut Farms and Cafe. We didn't know anything about the caught our eye because they had a coffee sign conveniently placed on the road. When you enter the parking lot, you drive over macadamia-nut shells instead of gravel. The lot is lined with macadamia trees and there are bizarre old industrial buildings that look like they haven't been used in decades. On the left is a cafe with lots of outdoor seating for nice days and -- most interesting -- a walkway down to the orchard, which includes a large lagoon. MacNut is a slightly magical place. Quite planned, quite sculpted, and quite special. It's the loving result of a vision for food production -- in this instance Macadamia. We arrived at the cafe too late to order food, but we ordered coffees and milled about the small store area, where they had nut-cracking equipment and a variety of nut parcels to choose from. It's the type of place you want to take others to so they can marvel at what an interesting plot in the middle of nowhere this is. We hope to return in warmer months when we can enjoy a fine lunch on the deck and then walk our way through the property to enjoy the humbling quiet and beauty.

Lucy L. started following MacNut Farms and Cafe
frescofoods shared their love for MacNut Farms and Cafe

Thank you for having such an amazing enterprise. It is great to be able to bring overseas visitors to a place like yours!