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Ask any music-lover in Auckland and they're sure to have a fond memory or two of a unforgettable concert at the Powerstation. While other live venues come and go, the Powerstation is a New Zealand music institution that has long been a favourite of performers and audiences alike, continuing to make live music history that connects the dots between the Ramones, Run DMC and Paul Weller.

With a winning combination of good acoustics and sightlines from virtually any audience vantage point, the Powerstation’s intimate theatre vibe will keep on attracting music’s best and brightest.

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Johnny P. created a list called I need some live tunes in my ears now please.
  • Johnny loved Golden Dawn
  • Johnny loved Cassette Number Nine
  • Johnny loved The Kings Arms Tavern
  • Johnny loved The Powerstation
  • Johnny loved The Wine Cellar
Johnny P. shared their love for The Powerstation

Probably the best part about this venue is the size - the international bands that play here are generally can’t sell enough tickets to play Vector Arena, but too popular to play The Kings Arms. So, I’ve been treated a butt load of times too some of my favourite artists in this intimate venue.

romy t. started following The Powerstation
romy t. shared their love for The Powerstation

A gig at the Powerstation is hard to beat. Great sound and not to big. Where ever you stand you a pretty certain to get a good view of the stage 

Annie D. created a list called Where to go for live music
  • Annie loved The Wine Cellar
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  • Annie loved The Powerstation
Annie D. shared their love for The Powerstation

Every time I walk past the Powerstation I am blown away by the awesome acts they have coming up. I went to see Peter Hook doing Joy Division songs with my Dad here. It was totally awesome. We had a ball.

Tim S. shared their love for The Powerstation

Always has good gigs on and reasonably priced. In this age of digital downloading it is important to support live music

Ricci M. created a list called Best concert venues
  • Still my favourite venue
  • World Class
  • More Music Gigs Here Please
  • Acoustics
  • Ricci loved The Kings Arms Tavern
Karl R. created a list called Best live music venues
  • Karl loved The Kings Arms Tavern
  • Karl loved The Powerstation
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  • Karl loved Vector Arena
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Karl R. shared their love for The Powerstation

The Powerstation has seen some legendary acts in its time. Every gig I've seen therehas blown me away! There is always plenty of space and a great atmosphere. Its close to some great bars to get ready for the show.