Places to walk your dog in Auckland

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Auckland is a great city to walk your dog as it’s surrounded by plenty of dog parks with lots of off-leash exercise so that you can let your pooches work up a sweat whatever the weather. Here's 10 of Auckland locals favourite dog parks, perfect for your pup to discover the outdoors as well as getting important socialisation skills with fellow dogs and their owners. If you and your pack have a local play spot for dogs that you just love, why not share your recommendation for it on its Localist listing? Have fun, play hard!


  1. Mission Bay Beach is a popular spot for dogs who love the sea breeze and taking a quick dip in the sea.  Between 4pm and 10am from the Tuesday after Easter Monday until the Friday before Labour weekend, dogs can be off-leash but during the summer months they must be on-leash before 9am and after 9pm.
  2. The Auckland Domain is the city’s oldest park and with 10 hectares of sports fields are surrounded by trees, monuments and the old grandstand, there's plenty of space for Fido to play.  A section of the park known as Gum Tree Hill is set aside especially for dogs to exercise and the gum trees provide excellent shade for the hilly area on hot summer days.
  3. Grey Lynn Park is a great place to let your dog do a few sprints and burn off some energy. It’s off-leash all the time but dogs must be kept away from the two marked sports fields and playground.
  4. Kohimarama Beach offers stunning views of Rangitoto Island and is a dog mecca before 10am on Saturdays. If you want to pick up a coffee beforehand, Localist recommends grabbing a smoothly brewed Allpress from The Store.
  5. Western Park is a well-hidden gem in the city and a true delight for dogs as it’s an off-leash area.  However, dogs must be kept away from the sports fields and playground.
  6. Mellons Bay is puppy paradise before 10am and after 5pm in winter so a great place for your pup to learn those important social skills.
  7. Macleans Park is the largest park in East Auckland with wide open pastures and well-maintained pathways.  The park is an off-leash area at all times and Eastern Beach, which is a short stroll away, is an on-leash area offering great sea views.
  8. Churchill Park in Glendowie has big paddocks linked by paved paths meaning you can stay dry while your mutt gets mud between their paws.  It’s an off-leash area and dog owners can take advantage of the fact that is doesn’t have much shelter so great for warmer weather.
  9. Takapuna Beach is the Ponsonby Road for dogs and is off-lead during winter but only before 10am and after 6pm during daylight saving.  The beach is popular with locals for picnic and play and there is also a scenic coastal walkway that runs from here to Milford Beach.
  10. Cheltenham Beach and North Head in Devonport are great spots over the shore and are both off-leash at all times, however North Head is only before 10am and after 6pm during winter.


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  • What a cute pooch!

  • I would like to add Botanic Gardens, Hill Road in Manurewa to this list - amazing gardens and an awesome year-round dedicated off leash area at the 'end'.

  • I love how he's staring at that ball... so cute :)

  • What about Meola Reef Dog Park? Muddy but fun

  • Surprised no one mentioned North Piha... Slightly further to drive for the city dwellers, but well worth the effort and both dog and owner get a great walk. It should be in the Top 10!

  • By

    Craigavon park or kakamatua beach are also good options out west

  • If you are close to Mount Eden you can't go past the Big King either, 100% dog friendly, a nice walk to the top and great views as well :-)

  • Thanks for the heads up Ben

  • Agree re North Piha! Great walking and swimming for the pooches. Word of caution... I have heard from a few locals that the north beach in not off leash for dogs and the council dog patrollers are taking a more aggressive approach to fining owners. I understand it's a $300 fine for each dog.?! Sounds a bit like the wheel clampers! Anyone have any experience or first hand knowledge about the actual dog boundaries?

  • Hey thanks so much...Mellons Bay is a winner :)

  • Meola Reef is the most fun!

  • Meola Reef is good, was better when you could walk off-leash around through the trees to get to the park, but they are getting rather hitler-ish about that and charge $200 per dog if you are off-leash (even if controlled) and are not in the fenced area.

    Shepherds Park in Beach Haven is great fun, it's a doggy get together most evenings from around 5pm and in the summer there's a great swimming spot for the dogs and humans.

    Chelsea Sugar Factory park is off-leash all year round and quite a lot of dogs gather there at the weekends, plus there are council installed dog water bowls as well which are really useful.