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General questions about Localist

What is Localist?
Here at Localist we believe in the power of a recommendation, especially when it comes from a trusted friend.

We all know the thrill of discovering something truly awesome through your travels offline or online, so we’ve collected all those special spots in one place. This means you can always find something to do when you need to wow or be wowed.

By introducing the list feature, we’ve created a community where locals around the country share their best kept secrets and share what matters to them with like-minded people. It's authentic, because it's all created by you. The businesses that rise to the top are the ones that people genuinely can't get enough of and show that affection through their loves or lists.

Whether you're curious about what else your neighbourhood has to offer, or you’re someone from Te Kauwhata exploring Wellington, you'll always feel like a local, anywhere.

What’s love got to do with it?
When locals want to recommend a business they think is great, they “love” it on Localist. A love is an authentic recommendation, and it enables genuinely rad New Zealand small businesses to get noticed online by users like you (and your friends).

What is a list?
Do you know where to find the best vintage vinyl? Or toddler-friendly destinations  to save a mother’s sanity? Do you have the perfect ‘Help-my-hot-date-is-a-vegan!’ list?

Whatever your expertise, kooky hobby or absolute love, make a list about it and make your voice heard.

Where is Localist?
You’ll find us at 65 Upper Queen Street - upstairs from our local cafe, Zest.

Is Localist for all of NZ?
Yes! Our website and mobile app are available to anyone with a computer or smartphone. We began in Auckland so if you’re based elsewhere - get involved. We need your help in making sure all the best businesses in your city are represented on Localist.

Can I work for Localist?
Are you kind of a big deal? Are you passionate about local business? Okay, maybe you should consider coming to work for us.

Can I find you on social media?
Of course you can. You can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We’re also on PinterestInstagram, Google + and LinkedIn.

I want to make a complaint! Who can I tell?
Please get in touch and we’ll do all we can to solve the problem.

How do I register?
Here you go. You can sign up using your Facebook account, Twitter account or just your email!

I’ve forgotten my username and / or password. How do I reset these?
Head here and we’ll ask you to enter the e-mail address you’ve registered with us. We’ll then send you details of your username and password.

I can’t see a business I’ve suggested on Localist
When you suggest a business on Localist we check that all the information is correct before loading it up. If you have not seen your suggested business 5 working days after submitting it please get in touch.

I'm a business owner-operator and I have a question

Please head to the business hub to find out all about Localist for business.