Green Jade Takeaways

Emily S. shared their love for Green Jade Takeaways

I work next to the Green Jade and we often get smorgasboard food from here for dinner, the food is fresh and delicious. They also do takeway burger, chips and fish which is all really good quality. This place has good opening hours and the staff are friendly. Recommend and visit here frequently.

Ida M. shared their love for Green Jade Takeaways

Great option for a pot luck dinner with their $18 dish - we usually get a combination or chicken fried rice n always goes down a treat! haven’t tried much else but it’s usually busy so that’s a good sign :)

Shar B. shared their love for Green Jade Takeaways

We have recently moved away from this area, and Green Jade takeaways is one of the things we are missing. We often used to get their burgers, when we needed a quick meal. They have extremely reasonably priced burgers - with a special on the window outside - I generally got a fish burger, which was basic, but nice and about $2.00. They also do really nice chips.

brendon m. shared their love for Green Jade Takeaways

the food is so good 

Louise M. shared their love for Green Jade Takeaways

We don't tend to branch too far away from our fried rice, noodles and sweet and sour but we have been coming here for years and enjoying what we order every time.  The food doesn't feel too greasy or have that funny taste from the dirty oil that some other places do.  They prepare it quickly and like others have said it is well priced.  Friendly service too and they are happy to make changes to the orders.

Mark S. shared their love for Green Jade Takeaways

Okay, if you're into only fine dining, you're not going to be impressed. The place itself looks like it could do with renovating and there aren't any dining tables in it. Just a few plastic barbeque chairs, a drinks fridge, a display cabinet of pre prepared battered or fried food and a few cooks working feverishly with woks over flames cooking up all manner of asian fast food cuisine. I guess the clientele are less likely to be someone tarted up for a classy night out, than a jandalled someone dropping in between dvds in their lounge. On the other hand, if you just cant be stuffed cooking, but you can manage a chopping a salad together, these guys do an AMAZING deal on what turned out to be quality battered fish for a satisfying supplement. Last night I got four good sized pieces of gurnard for $8. Im going to type that again. FOUR good sized pieces for eight dollars!! THATS TWO DOLLARS PER FILLET OF BATTERED GURNARD!!  So, like me you're probably thinking. $2? Must be tiny pieces or on the turn. I was hoping for the first one which is why I bought four fillets between two instead of two. The fillets were fresh AND sizeable, which means I could have gotten enough fish for two people .... for... drumrolll..... FOUR DOLLARS! SO Im giving four stars not because they are the flashest most amazing eatery in town. But because they cater to a specific market.. really well. Well done JADE TAKEWAYS for bringing accessible food to the peeps! And thanks for the delicious fish.