The Women's Bookshop


A little about us

Since 1989 The Women’s Bookshop has been promoting women’s writing and providing books which reflect women’s diverse interests. As a quality Auckland bookstore, we are one of New Zealand’s leading specialists in therapy and counselling books.We are known nationally for our passion for books and personal service - we read the books we sell, and give advice to fit. Fast and efficient mail order is all a part of the deal, and happily source special orders. More than just a bookstore - we provide info about events, courses and community happenings; sell tickets and provide a space for women.

Products and specialities

-3 million Kobo e-books available on-line
-Literary novels
-Therapy & counselling books
-Children's & parenting books
-New Zealand books
-Lesbian & Gay books
-Gifts & cards

We can source most books and will order them


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Not a pure children’s bookshop but worth mentioning for books that help children overcoming personal issues. From bullying and body image, to puberty and grieving, The Women’s Bookshop has quality selection of books dealing with harder topics in clever creative ways for children and youth. Just what you’d expect from founder, feminist and fab content finder Carol Beau.

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I love this book shop, they done there own book reviews so they know what there talking about! And amazing customer service. It's a real gem! 

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This place has a great atmosphere - they’re really passionate about what they do. As the name suggests there’s a focus on women’s interests, but i’m also always surprised by the great range outside of this that’s on offer. Lots of great children’s books too, and they are specially known for stocking therapy and counselling books.

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The Ponsonby Women's Bookshop is a Ponsonby institution and a very good bookshop. I am often doing a double take at the window and having to go in for a browse. They stock a range of books from cooking, gardening, interiors, New Zealand subjects and authors to inspiration and self help. There is something for everyone.