Rocket Park is on New North Road in Mt Albert, a family favourite for generations, Rocket Park is a fun playground for children of all ages.

There are Festivals held at Rocket Park, great for the locals to enjoy. The Brazilian Day Festival is on Saturday 30th January 2016, it's a festival about Brazil, it's food, music and dance. A great way for the locals to try the authentic Brazilian food, enjoy a colourful environment and get inspired by the variety of tastes, looks and people.


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It's really good to take your children, it has a rocket for children to climb into and play.

It's a playground and it's free

Rocket Park is a bit of an Auckland institution.  It's a good central playground to let your littlies have a good run around.  The front of it is fenced, so it creates a barrier between your children and the busy road.  There is a great deli across the road, so Mum and Dad can grab a coffee and a treat while you watch your littlies have fun on the playground.  It's such a popular park, you're likely to bump into at least one person you know while you're there.

We've been here on a number of occasions as it's really close to the Mt Albert YMCA where our daughter goes for dance classes.  The playground has a reasonable range of equipment.  It's a popular spot, so is often really busy.  It's about half fenced, I really wish they'd fence the whole thing.  On a busy day with two children, it can be hard to watch them both at the same time.  Due to it's location on a busy road, a fence that went all the way around would give you more peace of mind that your littlie isn't going to make it to the road while you attend to your other child.  Great deli across the road - Pyrenees - to grab a coffee and treat while you're at the playground.

Rocket park is a great park in a great location, surrounded by shops!

Great equipment in excellent condition! Lots of tables and benches to sit on, plus excerise equipment for adults to use.

This was the first year that we'd been and arrived at 6.00pm to find that there was already heaps going on.  Our kids had a great time especially on the bouncy castles. Great to see the Localist Kombi there in support and to be able to support Plunket too.   We'll be back next year.

A great event for local families. Go Suzy Cato!

Fantastic local event for Christmas. 

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