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  • Uther loved Fish Fins
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Not as great as the typography on their sign, but few things are. Maybe I only like this place because a bunch of good stuff has happened to me while eating food from there but, really, isn’t that enough reason to like something?

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More takeways than eat-in, Fish Fins is the essential Newtown fish and chip shop. Those lemon pepper fish fillets and chunky fries are delicious. Add in some salad and you’re away. Eat your food in a park somewhere nearby, enjoy the outdoors.

Martyn P. created a list called The Best Fish & Chips Spots
  • Martyn Loves Mt Vic Chippery
  • Quality fresh fish in the Cuba quarter
  • One of the treasures of Aro Valley
  • An essential Newtown experience
  • Starfish Fish & Chips is just that spot.
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Look past the faded exterior, Fish Fins is an essential Newtown experience. You can't look past those wedge sized chips, and the lightly battered fish with lemon pepper seasoning; my gosh.

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I've seen happier fish but nothing beats fresh seafood. Fish Fins is the place to get delicious, fresh kai moana. Just don't stare too long into their eyes.

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