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We connect proud locals with passionate local businesses and let you discover and share the things you Love about your city, anywhere, anytime. If you’re looking for the best local businesses, inspiring products, exclusive deals and recommendations on the best spots to eat and drink - you’re in the right place.

Welcome to Localist. It’s where you Love local.

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Liandra M. shared their love for Localist

The localist guide is a great guide to whats good arond town! (:

KL left a comment on Liandra M.'s Love

Definitely :)

Jenn M. shared their love for Localist

This is such a wicked workplace! Great to do business with and such awesome people!

KL left a comment on Jenn M.'s Love

Awesome :)

Sam p. shared their love for Localist

Awesome and a good competitor for Yellow page. Doing things differently!

KL left a comment on Sam p.'s Love

Definite! :)

Jule shared their love for Localist

I love the page to find recommendations or to leave mine for others. I use it so much to check for the best businesses or just to get new ideas. A couple of small things which could be done better. And I hope more people join the community!

KL left a comment on Jule's Love

Awesome :)

Aaron T. shared their love for Localist

While the 'tell us more' BBcodes bar takes a while to come up the site is amazing. Writing a review is very easy and the dashboard is not cluttered up with too much junk like how some sites have them. It gives me a brighter view on Auckland and what I can do in the city.

KL left a comment on Aaron T.'s Love

Awesome :)

Rose B. shared their love for Localist

I have the Localist directory in my lounge.  Me and my partner would flick through the pages looking for new restaurants to choose from when we wanted to try something different.  It is such a handy thing to have when you want to look for something fitting in your area!! I have really enjoyed reviewing places on here and letting other people know about good restaurants or places i've been too.  I think it's a great tool for people knew to a city and also giving praise to good places that I would go to again!! Well done :)

KL left a comment on Rose B.'s Love

Superb review :)

Amanda K. shared their love for Localist

Thanks to the Localist I have been able to try out some amazing new places, and be rewarded for having my say on some of my favourite businesses in Auckland. The rewards have been amazing so far, from book vouchers, to movie tickets and even rock climbing. I will continue to use the Localist to find out all the best places to be in Auckland!

KL left a comment on Amanda K.'s Love

Nice review :)

Chloe shared their love for Localist

The localist was introduced to me by a friend and i love finding out what other people think about the places i am going or have been. It has changed the way i think about going out and the places i see. Not sure why you can not see a bad review though, it is key to not only see the good but also the bad. The things you can use your points on is great, what would be great is expiry dates on the things you can bUy So YOu know how long you have to save up points! One great site!

KL left a comment on Chloe's Love

Great review :)

Lauren H. shared their love for Localist

I've been using the Localist website now for a few months and I have the paper copy at home next to the couch, both are very handy to have near. It is just what Auckland needs, considering the size of the place, to have all the best restaurants marked out with easy to follow ratings and reviews.   I enjoy being able to rate my favourite restaurants and give feedback on the service I have received. The only thing I think they could improve upon would be to make it available for all of New Zealand. I went to Rotorua last weekend and went to look in the localist phone app to find a good place to eat but then realised nothing was available in Rotorua :(   Just a tip... Make sure you like the localist on facebook too and you'll be notified of new competitions and deals as soon as they update the page.

KL left a comment on Lauren H.'s Love

Lovely review :)

Anton A. shared their love for Localist

I like the way Localist has you covered on social medias and Google. Makes finding what you are looking for so convenient.

KL left a comment on Anton A.'s Love

Definitely :)