Penang Cafe & Restaurant

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We don't often get hard line in our business descriptions, but if you have any complaints about Penang Cafe & Restaurant, you're an idiot.

This little gem beloved by Simon Gault is located deep in Otahuhu is small, clean and with a decor that brings to mind New Flavour.

We're here to talk about the food. It is unbelievably good Malaysian. Lip smackingly incredible. You will daydream about it forever. Try the chicken curry with roti, the chicken rice, poached chicken. Fight over the coffee pork, the tropical fish, the beans. Oh, and the coconut prawns. You better get those too.

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Malaysian restaurant



  • Price Range: Cheap & cheerful
  • Ambience: Relaxed atmosphere
  • Noise level: Serene
  • Licence: This venue has BYO
  • Food Options: Vegetarian


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Sara B. shared their love for Penang Cafe & Restaurant

Not really a cafe but this place has such great food for a very very reasonable price. It’s not flash by any means but once the food comes out and you crack a couple of bottles of wine you’ll love it!