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"Imagine you are in your ideal shape walking down the street, you are radiant with health and people notice you. How good do you feel! HCG Natural Weightloss is your number 1 answer to real fat loss, lose up to 8kgs in 20 days with no exercise.A fast,safe & 100% natural solution with a scientific base teamed with Graeme Jordan's Weightloss Program based on clean, fresh NZ lean proteins, power fruits and vegetables. NZ owned Company.Call us now personally on 0800 777 848 to start your journey with us.We offer our full support & 100% guarantee "This will be the last diet you ever need to do"

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HCG Natural Weightloss is the best weightloss program on the market and the only one I've heard that helps to reset your hypothalamus gland which is in control of our stored fat. I lost 18.2 kgs in 40 days and my body toned up as well. (No excess skin). Thanks Graeme and Dee for introducing this product and for your support and advise along my journey. Cheers Neil

Tanya lost 20.5kgs on her amazing weightloss journey! Hello, my name is Tanya and I am 45 years old...

Introducing Dr.Monica Lewis MB ChB.....

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  What is diabetes?    Diabetes is a condition in which a build up of glucose in the blood occurs.  The energy we use in our bodies comes from glucose found in food, particularly carbohydrates...

I first heard of the Graeme Jordan Weightloss Program through a friend at softball by the name of Neil Morrison but didn't really take much notice of it at the time being skeptical of different w...

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THE FUNCTION OF THE HYPOTHALAMUS GLAND The general functions of the hypothalamus are of extreme importance for the body, such as:   • Pituitary gland regulation • Blood pressure regulation ...

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  THREE KINDS OF FAT: In the human body we can distinguish three kinds of fat.  The first is the structural fat which fills the gaps between various organs, a sort of packing material...