Blockhouse Bay Kindergarten

Anna M. shared their love for Blockhouse Bay Kindergarten

Both my daughters went here. They take kids from approx 3.5 years old so mine went to private kindergarten initially from 2 years old till they could get into here. When you enter this Kindy you will see happy kids running around doing what kids should do most... play.   They have structured play time, learning tasks, story & mat time and eating time for the older children to prepare them for school.  The outdoor play area is huge with a cool Fiji pagoda as a centre point, gi-normous sandpit and huge variety of games & activities to fully occupy small developing minds.  Inside is numerous ongoing daily activities like dress-ups, musical instrument section, book area, cooking or some other tasks involving these busy hands & minds. This kindy is clean & very well run.  Manners are encouraged as are positive behaviours.  My children loved going to kindy here and became fully prepared to transition to school when the time came. This kindergarten perfectly met the needs of me & my children.  I have a lot to thank them for.