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Waitakere Hospital is a general hospital in the Henderson/Lincoln suburb area of Waitakere City. It is administered by the Waitemata District Health Board and serves the Waitakere and Kaipara populations.

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Andrew shared their love for Waitakere Hospital

We are in hospital a bit with sick children and have been to Northshore, Starship and Waitakere and the wait time was far less here and the whole process seemed to move quickly. There are toys for children to play with and there is room to move. We found the xray process especially fast and friendly.

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Juliet T. shared their love for Waitakere Hospital

After a few stressful trips to starship, complete desperation at useless GP we went to Waitakere hospital, ended up on babies ward for a couple of nights, they were fantastic.  Empathetic, really good with us (stressed tired parents) tried everything and kept following up.  We were really impressed.

Chloe shared their love for Waitakere Hospital

Have been here a couple of times recently with a sick child which is never an ideal circumstance but I have always found the staff to be so lovely and caring! As with all hospitals there is a long wait to get things moving but once we were admitted we were moved to the ward very quickly and the Dr we had was amazing! She even checked up on us the next day! Really felt at ease and well looked after

Lauren H. shared their love for Waitakere Hospital

I gave birth to my daughter here last year and I had a few complications but they were very on to it, got me in for surgery very fast and all turned out ok.. The midwives there were awesome and I can't thank them enough

Mark A. shared their love for Waitakere Hospital

We've been here in ED a couple of times - but it all ended well.  Staff are hard-working, busy, heroes.  Everyone we encountered was helpful, friendly, caring and seemed devoted.  You have to hand it to them, they do a great job and surely they're overworked and underpaid.  We were impressed by the volunteers who helped us as well, sorted tea and coffee and generally made sure we were ok.  We are so fortunate to have such an impressive healthcare system in New Zealand. Parking has become an issue - it now costs to come to Hospital, and it's not inconsequential either.  That's a shame.

Rowena J. shared their love for Waitakere Hospital

My favourite hospital by far, waiting times are short and staff are very nice. I had my son at waitakere maternity ward and it was clean and comfortable nice and warm and quiet, the ladies were very helpfull with breastfeeding. When my son was in hospital they provided me with everything i needed, and always came when i needed them. It was very clean aswell

Maria J. shared their love for Waitakere Hospital

I had my ...py done at Waitakere Hospital and checked in to the receptionist and the doctor came out in under 5 minutes. Very fast and friendly and hopefully good results in the future. Thank you so much. That was the fastest time I was accommodated in a hospital or any medical centres.

Sound Around Car Audio shared their love for Waitakere Hospital

In Hospital with a family member and all I can say is that everyone here are amazing!